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About Us

Rhattigan Broadcasting Texas, LP was formed in 2003 to focus on small-market broadcasting opportunities. We aim to be not just the leading radio group in a market but the dominant overall media source. We will develop each station with its own brand and identity, focused on the local community. We want our employees to be the leading marketing advisors in their respective communities.

We expect to be the first and best source for any organization to deliver a message a local school system announcing school closings, a fire or police department declaring a community-wide emergency, a civic organization publicizing an event, or a business targeting its customers. In doing this, we will be the information source for a given community and serve as its voice making our stations the most effective advertising medium.

Each of our stations is managed on a local level to better meet the needs of customers and the community. Our corporate management consists of the following people:

Michael Rhattigan, President and CEO
Elisa Hinojosa, Executive Vice President
Laura Deddens, Controller

Our Board of Directors includes:

Guy Gill, Chairman and Co-Founder
Jerome Rhattigan, Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder
Michael Rhattigan, President/CEO and Co-Founder

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